Saturday, January 21, 2012

24 Weeks!
Good gravy. I know everyone says this about this time, but I am shocked that we are as far along as we are. It has totally flown by. All the time I get more nervous and more excited all at the same time. Also, I'm getting bigger by the minute! Here's the picture for this month:

Yay for maternity clothes!! So comfy.

Aside from the little accessories that we will be adding eventually (after showers, I'm sure), the nursery is done!! I won't spend any time on the mural because you guys saw that already. Also including cost - we'll tally at the end. Okay so this is the virtual tour of sweet baby K's nursery!

Area 1: Changing Table/Dresser & Mobile:
Dresser: $35 at goodwill. Spray painted brown to match the rest of the room. 
Spray Paint: $8

Mobile: Branches collected from outside the apartment complex.

Birds: I sewed them out of scraps from the crib sheets I made. Great Pinterest idea, y'all. 

Ben and I figured out how we wanted them suspended in the room, he hooked them up to the ceiling and against the wall. We think they're pretty stinkin' cool! 

Area 2: Big Dresser & Night Light: 
Dresser: Hand-me-down. It actually was my dresser when I was a baby. Painted to match. 
Night Light: Another great Pinterest idea! Created from a piece of cardboard we had, some canvas fabric that used to be curtains, some paint, and Christmas lights! Didn't cost us a penny - just an afternoon of painting and drilling holes!

This is what it looks like when the room is lit up. 

Area 3: Crib, glider & Lantern

Crib: $50 at Goodwill. Stain & Shellac to refinish: $15
Sheets/Crib Skirt: Made by Katie (there are 2 extra sets too) - Fabric: $35
Glider: $25 at CCA. I recovered the hideous floral cushions - Fabric: $40. 
Lantern: $2 at Goodwill. I have to be honest you guys - I ADORE the lantern. 

Look how fun!! 

And thus concludes our nursery tour. All for just over $200 (right at $202 I believe). I'm so in love with it because we made or altered almost every single piece in it. It is completely our own and I'm thrilled about it. There's no way I would have been able to accomplish half of it myself. Ben provided most of the handy-work and ALL of the patience required. So excited to put baby K into it!