Friday, May 25, 2012

Three Weeks

You got to meet Grandma and Grandpa Zuverink this week! Everyone was very excited to get to spend your 3 week birthday with you! We wanted to go spend some time outside before it gets too hot for the summer, so we headed off to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens! 

You were ready to go! All sunscreened and hatted up! 

Your Dad pushed you all around the gardens - we made sure you had plenty of shade from the sun so you wouldn't get too hot. 

But before we made it too far, you got a little hungry. 

Grandma and Grandpa wanted to take a fancy picture with you. 

And so did Mommy and Daddy! 

Just so you know, this is what your uncle Matt looks like when he's confused: 

Also, here are some fun pictures of you from the last week or so: 
You love to curl up as tiny as possible, especially when you lay on your mom or dad. 

This is how fun you are when you are awake all morning! 

This is the funny face you make when you're really full. 

Also, every once in a while, Mr. Pheeny wants to snuggle with us as a family. We make sure he doesn't snuggle with you when you're alone, but when we're all together, it's pretty stinkin' cute! 

In just one week, you'll already be a month old! 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Home for a Week!

Holy cow! Our little bit has been home for a week today! 

When you're only a few days old, everything is a new experience. Here are some of Kelynn's new experiences over the last week. 

First time to get ready to go home! 
My, what a fancy dress you have on! 

First time in a car seat: 
Don't mind the clashing patterns. We like your bow enough to make up for it! Thanks Grandma Looman! 

First time to have an official professional photo shoot:
Awwww look how cute you are!! 

First time daddy snuck a picture of you and mommy hanging out: 

First at home bath time: 
My goodness - you were NOT happy about that first. But you're definitely getting used to them more and more. 
First time to get dried off - in a really stinkin' cute towel: 
You is a frog!

First time for mommy to comb your hair - how fun! 

First time to play with Daddy in your play yard:
You are so teeny! 

First time for mommy to take an artsy picture of you and daddy rocking:
We love Daddy so much! 

And for the grand finale - the First smile caught on camera. Holy cannoli. You are ridiculous. 

As you can see, we've had a very eventful week! 

We are settling into life with a newborn fairly smoothly. We're quickly learning how to tell when you are hungry, when you're just tired and want to cuddle, and when you'd like us to change your diaper. You are pretty hilarious with all of your faces and your sweet disposition. So far you love to sit in your bouncy seat while mommy and daddy cook dinner or take a shower. 
Mommy's healing up really well and seemingly really quickly, and we are so thankful to God for that. 

Momsy and Pops went back home last weekend, after a whole week of helping us with everything from moral support to laundry assistance and making sure we had food to eat. What a blessing they were to us. We can't imagine what the first week would have been like without all of the help! 

Now we are looking forward to you getting to meet all of the other important people in our lives. More updates to come! 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Brand New Zamboni is Born!

The story of baby Kelynn:

Dear Kelynn Mae Zuverink,you were due for birth on May 11, 2012 and we were so excited! However, mommy's doctor was becoming concerned that mommy might be running out of room, and that you might be too big to make it out without some help. The doctor decided to measure you on May 1, and thank goodness he did! They found out that you were almost 9 pounds already, and that it was definitely time for you to meet the world! That day mommy and daddy found out that they would get to meet you in 3 short days, on Friday.

After mommy and daddy called all the grandparents, your uncles and aunt, we began to get ready for your arrival.

We left for the hospital on Thursday night to be prepped for the big day. On Friday, we got to spend lots of time hanging around, watching TV while we waited. Mommy didn't get to have any food or water, but she was so excited to meet you she didn't mind too much!

We waited and waited and waited alllllll day, and very late at night, we found out that we would have to have a special surgery to get your pretty little self, with your big ol' head, out of mommy's tummy.

About 45 minutes after that ( at 10:47pm, May 4), you were born!

You were kind of icky, but Daddy got to take lots of pictures while you were being cleaned up.

And while you were being measured! You were 20.5 Inches long and your sweet head was 15 inches around. 

Then, while mommy was still getting fixed up after surgery, daddy got to help you be weighed and get bathed. You weighed 8 pounds and 9 ounces, after all. You were so healthy!

 After you got all wrapped up, daddy got to take lots and LOTS of pictures. These are our favorite!

After that, we all got to go to bed for the night and get a few hours of sleep. Here are some fun pictures from the next day, as you got to know your family and the world around you.

First you got to cuddle lots and lots with your Daddy:

Your daddy loves you very much, can you tell?

Then you got to spend time with family and friends! 

You and Momsy

You and Pops

And you and some of our best friends and family!

Don't worry, your Momsy wouldn't let anyone pass you around. She did all of the transfers to make sure you were very safe!! And she loves to feed and burp you. You are the first grandchild, after all! 

The most fun, special time for us as a family has been the time we have gotten to spend with each other during quiet time. We spend it very productively. Mostly we cuddle with you and admire you while you sleep.  

Or, the more popular version: 
Honey, I think you got your pouty face from me. Your daddy is trying...

Some together time with mommy.

And my personal favorite - Late at night, Daddy gets up from a chair he's been sitting in to take you for a soothing walk around the hospital room... shhhh - he doesn't know he's got a tag-a-long.

We get to take lots more pictures this week as you meet more people and make it home for your first time. We love you baby girl! We have already spent so much time thanking God for the chance to parent you and help you turn into the beautiful woman that we know he will have you be. You are so precious to us, and we love every second we spend with you.