Friday, January 11, 2013

The Great Eight!

Our sweet baby girl is 8 months old! Here is her official 8 month picture... which is getting funnier and funnier to take: 
This after the following shots: 

Look! She's like the flash! Set her down, and she's OFF! 

Hey mom, you forgot to vacuum on this side of the chair.

This month was very eventful! We had Christmas: 

For which we did lots of shopping! That can be tough on a baby... 

But because it was the Christmas season, we got to spend time with our very fun cousins! 

And steal their balloons!

 And amazingly enough, we had a white Christmas! Mom and Dad tried to set me on a blanket in the snow for some pictures, but it was toooo cold! Brrrrr...

This month I also learned how to eat lots of new foods! Sometimes mom and I don't like to sit in our chairs. 

Sometimes we like to eat our celery at the coffee table!

But sometimes chairs are just right! Especially for messy meals like Mandarin oranges for breakfast.

 I also learned how to play reeeeeally hard: 
This is me dancing to my bright musical toys! 

And this is me making a biiiiiiig mess for daddy to clean up. 

Some stats: 
# of teeth: Six! 
Eating: Still 4 7oz bottles/day, 3 meals of baby food
(or little pieces of bread, peas, oranges, yogurt, etc)
New things I learned: Almost have crawling figured out! I also like to pull up on everything so I can be standing, or sitting on my knees at all times. 
My favorite time of day with Mommy: When I get up at 630 and we watch the news until my nap at 8
My favorite time of day with Daddy: Playing and learning new tricks after Daddy gets off work!

Kelynn Mae, we are so thankful to be blessed as the stewards over you. We love you deeply! Can't wait to see what the next few months bring.