Sunday, December 25, 2011


First of all, Merry Christmas everyone! We're having a blast here in New Mexico with my folks. Eating good food, playing fun board games, watching all the Christmas movies we can squeeze in... it's been grand! It's also the last Christmas before we're a family of three, which is kind of insane.

Holy moly, we're already half way there! This kinda freaks me out. There's a lot to do in the amount of time left! Ben and my family agree, my tummy grows noticably larger every day, which is pretty funny. They're taking bets on the timing of my belly button going from an innie to an outie. Kole says it'll be mid-conversation, and I'll hear an audible "FFFFP," while Ben thinks inversion will require some force, like from a sneeze. We shall see.

20 Weeks:
(Izzy had a drive-by appearance)

Pregnancy Highlights!!
How Far Along: 20 weeks
Size of baby: 10 Inches from head to heel - the size of a banana! 13 ounces.
Weight gain+10
Maternity Clothes: Gradually accumulating more and more maternity clothes - amassing from very dear friends and family... and goodwill. Great thing about maternity clothes is, no one wears them for very long!
Gender: GIRL!
Movement: She's been moving around a ton! Mostly when I'm still. Ben can finally feel her from the outside just a tiny bit, which is really cool.
Sleep: I finally figured out how to get the pillows positioned just right... problem is I need like three of them. Once we get all those pillows on the bed, there's no room left for me... Still working on finding that fine line.
Symptoms:  Feeling great!
What I miss: Sushi...
Cravings: I still want lots of milk and pasta, but we're trying to moderate that with veggies so the weight gain isn't to crazy.
Best Moment this week: Ben feeling the baby move for the first time, and getting to spend this weekend with my wonderful and insanely supportive family. They have been so incredible. We're going to have one lucky kiddo as far as grandparents go!!
What I am looking forward to: Going up to Michigan in a few weeks to see all the Zuverinks!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Okay guys, this may be super lame, but I LOVE THE BABY'S ROOM.

So, we started with the idea of putting a tree on the blue wall. Want to make it girly without having to redo the whole wall. We chalked off the tree on the wall, and covered it in a super light pink paint. "Ballerina Gown" to be exact.

Next is the whole tree against the crib, so you can see how it'll fit in the room. 

I realized it needed many more curly cues. So I added those free-hand. Then I made drew a bird on a piece of paper, cut it out, traced around it with chalk on the wall, and then filled those in with paint. You can see them:

But it needed leaves! So I experimented with the types of leaves I wanted on the tree:

It's decided. Heart leaves it is. So for the next several days, we added leaves and leaves and leaves. Oh and some squirrels too. Final product: 

This is just the tree itself. 

This is tree plus crib full of stuff.

This is tree plus crib full of stuff from a different angle. 

All in all, we're really happy with how it turned out. More nursery pictures when it all comes together, but for now, the wall is momentous enough. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Congratulations to all family members! We have another Chica to add to the Zuverink/Bennett/Franklin lines! Dr. says everything looks great. Here are all the pictures we got to keep from today. She was moving around all over the place. 

*Sorry daughter, this is the only time I'll show anyone proof of your gender*

Look at that FOOT!! 

Look at that scary pirate skeleton face!!! Maybe she'll come out with an eye patch and a parrot.


Awwww, back to being cute!!

So that's all for now - big enough news to warrant a post! At 20 weeks (in a week) I will post another bump picture and some pregnancy highlights!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Growing a Fetus in a Winter Wonderland!

Sixteen week picture: 

Well first off, Ben, fetus and I got to spend 8 days last week in Colorado. We had a blast. We hiked and hiked, climbed mountains, drove along cliffs, rode in trains, breathed clean air... it was incredible. I had my last day at work before we left, and I'm transitioning into part time work from home. I am already so thankful that God led us in this direction. I'm feeling more rested by the day. 

Not much to report yet on the baby's gender. However, I did have a tummy check a couple of weeks ago and got to listen to the baby's heart beat. It was so loud and fast! This kid is already impressing me. Dr says everything looks great and we're set to have the big anatomy appointment on the 15th! I'll let everyone know as soon as we know for sure.

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 16 weeks
Size of baby: 4.5 inches long, 3.5 ounces (avocado sized!)
Maternity Clothes: Bella band has saved my life. Wearing mostly my normal clothes, much more awkwardly
Gender: We'll know in 2 weeks! 
Movement: There have been a few times where I think I've felt it flutter around in there, but not sure yet
Sleep:  Good! Have stopped waking up to pee every 2 hours, so that's nice
Symptoms: As usual, not too many symptoms! Feeling great.
What I miss: Sleeping on my back 
Cravings I have decided that I could consist entirely on an all carb/dairy diet. All I want is pasta, cereal, milk
Best Moment this week: Hiking with my husband and fetus in the middle of nowhere.
What I am looking forward to: Finding out the gender in a couple of weeks! 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Soooooo... changes have come.

LIFE UPDATE: Because I keep spotting on days that I'm gone from the house for 12-14 hours straight, Ben and I, with consultation from the doctor, decided that it's time for me to stop the insanity. Today I put in my 2 weeks at work (well, three weeks really).

 God has given me such peace about our decision, and it seems that everything around it is falling into place. Our homegroup leader happens to have a few part time, work-from-home, data-entry positions opening up that will last us through February of 2012, so we will still be able to pay our bills. God is good! Something that I would normally get so wound up about just fell into place and without all the stress of worrying about it! From now on, I will be doing data entry from home (or from Allison's home to keep her company while she's on bedrest), going to internship and class when I have clients. I'm really excited about the fact that I'll get more rest.

BABY UPDATE:  We went to the genetic specialist today to check for downs, tay sach's, etc. The doctor said that everything looks great and that my chances of having any genetic abnormalities are really low. Ben and I are so thrilled to have a child, let alone a healthy one! What a blessing. Baby is also 12 weeks and 4 days old, although it is measuring 13 weeks and 1 day (oh boy, here we go)!

The doctor also said that at this point in the pregnancy, he can usually guess the gender, and is correct about 80% of the time, based on the angle of the baby's bizness down there. He told us that he's pretty sure it's going to be a ______.

THAT'S RIGHT! You have to wait! We're not going to reveal until we know for sure in another two or three weeks. At that point we'll let you know whether to start looking at fairy princess or tonka truck toys.

Also - 12 week picture:

Love you guys!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Big OB Appointment @ Week 11

Another Surprise Sono at week 11, because of some harmless spotting. Everything still looks great and very healthy. But I got  another sonogram out of it, and Ben got to be there this time to see it moving all around!! So crazy.

It's just so crazy to me how big it has gotten in just a few short weeks. God has been so good to us in letting me see sonograms so frequently. It really helps me to remember what a blessing this is, and reminds me not to get too wrapped up in the stress of getting everything (school) done in time. Love the little zamboni already!

Surprise Sono @ Week 9!!

It's getting so Big!!! 

Week 8 is Great!

Ultrasound 7 weeks, 6 days

The first ultrasound went great! Baby's heart rate was clocked at 136. Measured to be exactly as old as we thought. Our official due date, per Dr. Ku, is May 11. Just in time to get done with school! Ben and I are starting to do fun things like look through name books and pick out cribs, so it's starting to seem more like a real thing.
I still feel wonderful. I caught a cold this week so that's been dragging me down just a bit. However, the typical nausea and all that hasn't been a problem for me at all, thank goodness. At the last ultrasound, they did see a small blood clot somewhere in there, so I'm going back this Thursday, 10/6 to get it looked at again. Dr. Ku says it's nothing to worry about, it'll most likely dissolve on its own.  Good news is, another ultrasound!! So exciting.

How Far Along: 8 Weeks
Size of baby: Grape
Weight gain: 5 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Had to get a few shirts that don't hug my waist so closely... Good thing summer is over because my shorts don't hardly fit at all anymore...
Gender: Quien sabe?
Sleep: Still needing lots of sleep, but it's interrupted more frequently with potty breaks.
Symptoms:  Mostly just sleepiness.
What I miss: Sushi
Cravings: Carbs... and more carbs
Best Moment this week: Realizing that my mid-section (that keeps growing) is actually kinda hard in there... it's not just fat after all!!
What I am looking forward to: Sonogram on Thursday to see Peanut again!

In the Beginning...

In the beginning...
Even though it's still a semi-secret, we decided it's news enough to warrant the creation of
 a blog, which we will share with the world once my nerves subside a little! 
Ben and I are so thankful to have been blessed with the news that God has chosen for us 
to parent one of his little ones!
This road began back in January when we felt very strongly that God asked us to trust 
Him and his timing. Seven months later, two little pink lines showed up! Of course, Me 
being me, I didn't believe it. I had to take three more before I was convinced. Here we 
are, September 5 at 4 weeks. I'm so excited to go through all of this and see how God is 
glorified through our / our child's experience!! 
Should be an interesting ten months as I'm also wrapping up my master's degree (I'm 
actually due on the date of graduation), which requires some long hours. It has been such
 a huge blessing that I haven't been nauseated yet. It has allowed me to make it through 
my long days!!  
Life at the Zuverink House: 
How Far Along: 4 Weeks
Size of baby: Poppy Seed!! 
Weight gain: Nada yet
Maternity Clothes: Pshh... I can't justify the new purchases just yet.
Gender: Who really knows? Finding out around Thanksgiving!
Sleep: I am sleeping so much harder and longer
Symptoms:  Sleepiness... and weirdness if I go too long without eating
What I miss: Milk Shakes
Cravings: Chicken Tacos
Best Moment this week: Getting to tell family that we're get to add another member!
What I am looking forward to: The first appointment/sonogram on Sept 22. 
 Going to try and update every couple of weeks or so, so stay tuned!!!