Saturday, October 18, 2014

Our littlest beauty is a year old!

The first year has completely flown by. You are now walking full time, since you started walking at about ten months.

You almost always have something in your hand. You'll carry the same thing around for an hour.

Some of our favorite times are on Saturday mornings when we get to all relax together. 

You like hanging out with your cousins!

You eat all the food we eat now. You have milk with two of your meals, when you wake up, and before bed.

You are our lovey kiddo. Kelynn never cared much about snuggling or being close to other people while she played. She would be content (and still is) to play alone for hours. You are the complete opposite. You always want to be in the middle of things, and you NEVER stop moving. You like to practice climbing, and you do laps around the kitchen, practicing turning (we think).

At your one year check up you weighed 20 pounds, 10 ounces (50th percentile) and were 30 inches tall (80th percentile).

Whatever you see your sister do, you copy.

This is you "feeding" Kelynn.

One of our favorite things to do with you guys right now is to go for walks. 

Happy Birthday baby girl! You make life so snuggly sweet.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ripe for the Pickin'

Today we found one of our new favorite michigan activities... Blue berry picking!!!


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Big 'ol Baby!

Our tiniest baby is officially 8 months old! 

She is crawling and pulling up on things:

She loves taking baths with big sister. 

And really anything that has to do with her sister. 

She also loves to snuggle with izzy.

And all is well at our check ups!
She has 2 teeth, and is eating 3 meals a day. She has 3 bottles daily of around 7 ounces of formula. 

She's still a mama's girl, but she loves to play alone as long as someone is nearby. 

The funniest thing she does right now is when she sits still. She twirls her feet in circles like she's winding them up. And she watches them go around and around. 

Love you babe! 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Growing Girls

It has been a whirl wind five months, that's for sure!
We finally are past the up-all-night stage with Kennedy. She now sleeps from 7pm to 6am at least. Sometimes wakes up long enough to get a pacifier put back into her mouth, but goes right back to sleep. HOORAY! 

Eating: Kenna is eating 4 bottles a day, 6-7 ounces each. She's also eating solids now. Faves so far (besides anything I can find to puree and put in her mouth) are: 

Avocados and Bananas mixed together
Sweet Potatoes and Broccoli
Mommy still loves to make baby food.

And Kenna loves to eat it!
Recently we have noticed that she's have a bit of a hard time digesting food, so we are going to check into the possibility of a food allergy with the doctor at our next check up. 

She are sitting up almost on her own. She likes to be propped up on pillows or sit against someone else. 

She has fallen in love with the Johnny Jump Up.
Mostly she likes to spin herself around in it and chew on the sides. 
She's doing lots of teething, but no teeth popping through yet. Just lots of gnawing and drooling.

Kenna looks so miuch like Kelynn at this age. 
These are both Kelynn at 5-6 months.

Kelynn is just about a month shy of being 2 years old. Holy moly, how that time flew by! 
She is so big.
SEE! Look how tiny she makes that mountain look! 

She loves to get her face really close to the camera (phone) and have daddy snap pictures. Which works for us. We wind up with some hilarious pictures. 

She also loves to help with her sister. 

Things Kelynn loves: Going to daycare, playing with daddy, snuggles after nap time with mommy. 
Lots of new things Kelynn has learned to say: 
"Hockey" and "Yucky" (which, remarkably are exactly the same word)
"Mou mou" (minnie mouse)

Her favorite foods right now are blueberries, fish sticks, bananas, and eggs. 
She has reached the point where she likes to push boundaries. Usually about things that are fairly insignificant. 
Actually, right this moment, it is supposed to be nap time, and you're banging on your door, most likely after having emptied out all the drawers in your room into the floor while playing. When we decide it's funny, it really is funny. Being a parent is a very sanctifying experience. Patience, learning to shift perspective, working as a team member with the other parent, even when you disagree... You're teaching us a lot, that's for sure! 

We're excited to make it to the two year mark.
Guess we should probably start planning your party! 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

New Mexico Adventures

Hey howdy hey, neighboroos!

This month we took the girls on a trip to go see Pops and Jenny. Aside from all the fun we had flying with two girls under 2 years old, the trip was a blast!

Kelynn and Daddy got to sit together! 
On most of our flights, Kelynn and Kenna had to sit on mommy and daddy's laps. It was a little cramped. Daddy said several times, "There's a reason they make kids over 2 get their own seats."

                                        As usual, once we arrived, we fully enjoyed the landscape.

And the girls got to spend LOTS of cuddle time with Pops and Jenny.

And we got to see brother Kole!!!

Using some of our down time (which we were so thankful to have), Ben and Pops built a front porch together.

Kole helped.

And then, of course, we were entertained by the entertainer herself...

While we were there, Kelynn learned to say "Doggie" (which she previously called "woof woof"s), and she said her first sentence composed of a subject and verb. "Sister eat!" 
This is typically used when she knows Kennedy is hungry. Aka when someone is making a bottle. 

Most of all, we all just enjoyed being able to be outside so much.

We used an umbrella to keep little sister out of the sun.

And Ben bought a kite at the store. He would get that sucker way up in to the air, tie the string to the fence, and leave it for like 6 hours. It would still be flying when we went to check on it! 

And we played inside lots with the tiny one.

Can't wait to see them again! The girls sure have been blessed with great grandparents, who live in a really cool place!