Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Holy Changes, Batman!

Guys. For real. Two kids is... different. For sure.

They say: 1 kid is like 1 kid, and 2 kids is like 20.
I say: 1 kid is like 1 kid, and 2 kids is like 2 kids. But sometimes it's like 200 kids.
But mostly it's like 2.

2 kids who you love more than you can even begin to explain.

 Kennedy Rae is now 3 months old! 
(Here's Kelynn at 3 months)

Although you girls look alike, you are such different babies! Kelynn was always very independent. She preferred not to be rocked or held for too long, and was happiest when she was playing by herself in her bouncy seat. Miss Kennedy, on the other hand, LOVES to be held. She would be thrilled if we walked her around all day and let her see what's going on. She also likes to play by herself, but only for very limited amounts of time. After that, she wants lots of hugs and snuggles. 

She's also really great at tummy time! (We have to thank awesome daycare for that)

Kelynn continues to be a total goofball. She surprises us all the time by dancing around the living room, singing, and taking care of her "baby."

This year we had our first experience understanding the concept of opening presents. It went over well.  

Her favorite meal is "Eggs in a Basket" made by daddy. 

And she LOVES to have bath time.
Every time we say, "Kelynn, is it bath time?" She says,
"Sister?" Never wants to have bath time without her pal! 

They already love to play together. Kennedy thinks Kelynn is hilarious. And Kelynn thinks Kelynn is hilarious. So they have that in common.

Kenna is getting so big already. She fights to grab her bottle from us so she can hold it (for .5 seconds before she drops it)

She has also gotten big enough already to start playing in the big girl toys!  

And show off her crazy girl hair!
(Just like big sister's was!)

 This is Kelynn at the same age.

We are adjusting to our first Michigan winter as a family as well! Mommy and Daddy do LOTS of shoveling while you girls are sleeping at night. 
Of course, our first winter here has had more snow than Grand Rapids has gotten in years. 
Nothing like jumping in head first! 
It's okay though - it doesn't get in our way much. 
We still make it out of the house (even if Kennedy is grumpy about it)!

Stay tuned: this weekend is potty training for Kelynn! 

Kelynn is 20 months old
Kelynn's favorite activity: Playing with baby (feeding, rocking, holding baby in the wrap, changing diapers)
Biggest change in Kelynn appearance: Getting tall! She's figured out how to shut doors, just not how to open them back up yet. So far this is a plus. 
Kelynn Milestone: Putting words together: "Nite nite sister!" and "Mo Nana!" 

Kennedy is 3 months old 
Kennedy's favorite activity: Playing on her play mat or tummy time
Biggest change in Kennedy's appearance: able to hold her own head up. She likes to be held so she can face out and see what's going on. 
Kennedy Milestone: Reaching for things and putting them in her mouth.