Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 2 Months Baby Cakes!

Hey sweet girl! How fast this month has flown by! You are growing incredibly fast, and we are so excited about all the new developments.

First, here is your 2 month picture:

Compared to your 1 month picture: 
See how much you've grown?! On top of growing much faster than Miss Bear, you are so alert now, looking at everyone and checking out your surroundings. 
We have your 2 month check up in a few days to find out how you are doing. We have a feeling that you're growing just fine, though. From our own measurements, we guesstimate that you weigh close to 11 pounds. 

You are a very independent lady! Sometimes you like to be held, but most of the time you'd rather lay on the couch and look around, or sit in your bouncy seat and watch what's going on in the room. 

Your schedule overnight has solidified for the most part. You take your last bottle at 9pm, and you drink around 5 ounces. You sleep until around 2am, then again until around 6, when we're ready to get up anyway! We have gotten a few 7 and 8 hour nights out of you! 
You love your mobile, too! 

You've started smiling at mommy and daddy. You also had a fun day with Miss Paula today, and your smile proves it: 

Mommy has started back to work, so you get to go visit Miss Allison and your friend Ashlynn a few times a week. We love them so much and you always have such a good time over there. 

As you can see, your hair is very curly (especially when it's wet): 

So Mommy has a bit of a hard time taming it... it usually is a big ol' poofy mess. 
So we started experimenting with bows: 

You don't like mommy messing with your hair too much yet, but once we get used to it, I'm sure we can find some fun ways to style your baby fro! Miss Allison seems to have some better luck with your hair adventures so far: 

You also LOVE bath time. You kick your feet all around in the water and suck on your hands (even when they have soap on them) - yikes! 
You also have gotten alert enough that you enjoy reading time: 

Sometimes you like to hang out with mom when she is working. 

We also found out that you really like to go swimming! 

And for the silly part of being 2 months old, these are your phases of meltdown: 

Poor baby... you're just so cute! Even when you cry. Too hilarious. 

During the day, you are still eating every 3 hours, but you take usually 4-5 ounces now. You are starting to put your hands on the sides of your bottle while you eat them. You are learning how to make fun baby sounds when you are kicking around in your crib or in the bouncy seat: "oOOooo". 

Congratulations on all your feats and accomplishments this month, lovey! We will have a blast in the next few weeks getting to month 3!