Thursday, October 4, 2012

Man Alive! How Many Months? FIVE!

No, seriously. You are five months old today! And it is hilarious. I say this every time, but this time I mean it. You have gotten to be so hilarious, Kel. 

First your five month picture!
Compared to your last few months: 
4 months
3 months 

Of course we had lots of fun shots to get this one. My favorite sequence: 
"Hey Ms. Bear, you don't need no bows!"

"See, much better I think."

"Perfect, now let me chew on your head."

"Hey mom, you should put some of this fur in that butternut squash mix you're about to talk about in the blog?"

Here are some fun developments. You can sit up on your own now! As seen above. 

You are also eating real food now. 
Mommy confession time: I LOVE making baby food. I almost don't want to say that because I know it makes me sound like a hippy mom, which I avoid as much as possible. However, steaming vegetables/fruits and putting them together in fun combinations is SO entertaining for me! Here is some evidence. Today we steamed butternut squash and put it in the food processor. We added some apple sauce and put all of that together in some ice trays. We wind up with fun little frozen cubes of baby food! 

Our combinations so far: Pear, Apple & Cinnamon, Avocado & Banana, Strawberry & Banana, Carrots & Sweet Potatos, Butternut Squash & everything else.

You are starting to think everything is funny. Including dancing with your mama and playing with your daddy in the mornings. 

 You are starting to look REALLY big in your car seat:

And your hair is as curly as ever! (And cheeks as big as ever)

You have a new way to ride around in the store: 

You also like all your toys that help you stand up these days: 


And if I'm not watching really carefully, you grab anything nearby and stick it in your mouth.  No joke, this video is all you, grabbing the phone. 

In the evening before bed, you like to make pouty faces while you lay on Daddy: 

Favorite thing to eat: Apples & Pears
Favorite activity: Sitting in your new "car" aka obnoxiously pink walker.
Favorite book: 47 Beavers on the Big Blue Sea
Favorite Song: Any commercial that comes on the TV - we sing and dance to until you start giggling.
Looking forward to: Going to Aunty Kim's wedding in 2 weeks!

Everyone says this about their kids, but if I could bottle up your cuteness right now for later days, I totally would. You are so precious and funny.