Friday, November 9, 2012

We have a 6 month old!

I never thought I would say this, but I'm not sure how ready I am for the first six months of your life to be over already! Look how big you are:

Compared to last month: 

Here's yo stats: 
Weight: 18 lbs, 5.4 oz 92%
Height 27.5 in 83%
Head Circumference: 45.1 cm 92%

According to the Dr, you are the size of an average 8.5/9 month old! 

You are now able to sit up completely on your own, but sometimes we still put the boppy around you so if you fall over, you won't hit your big ol' noggin on the floor. 

Your favorite time of day is when Daddy comes and gets you up at 7 and brings you in to wake up mommy. You love to chat. And giggle when Daddy tickles you with his hair.


You also are starting to really enjoy your Johnnie Jump Up. Although you haven't quite figured out the jumping feature yet. 
Mostly you just swing and spin yourself around in it.

You also are still in love with bath time. Your daddy was very particular about getting you used to water in your face when you were very little, so you don't mind it at all! 

You really enjoy your changing table too. You like to lay on it and swing your legs around, say "Bwah bwah bwah!" while you play with your bear.

For halloween this year you were Princess Leia! 

Toward the end of the night you were over your hat and decided to swap it out with daddy's! 

 You also got to spend lots of time with your Pops and Momsy over the weekend.

Also, I still love making your baby food! We have a whole freezer full of baby food cubes! 
You're getting to be such a good little eater. Some of your combos: 
Strawberries & oatmeal
Apricots, pears & oatmeal
Chicken, sweet potatoes, peas & carrots
Little star pasta, broccoli, cauliflower & cheese

You're eating 3 meals a day, plus 4 bottles of 6 oz.

We love you baby girl. You are SUCH a blessing to our lives. Our family has gained so much strength and closeness since you have arrived. We pray for you together all the time, that you would be healthy and holy, and that the Lord would bless you immensely. Smooches, chica!