Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Great Migration

Well, it would be an understatement to say that in the last 2 months, a lot has happened.
For starters, after a long and exhausting journey, with the help of a grandpa and an auntie, we made it to Michigan!


We have settled in with Kelynn's Auntie Kim and Uncle Peter, who have oh-so generously and graciously taken us in until we find a place of our own.

For the first 5 weeks, Ben had to stay in Dallas to finish up work, while Kelynn and I worked together to unpack and find mommy a job. Ben stayed with some dear friends of ours, the Hadleys. How do we begin to thank you enough...

So far everyone is acclimating every well! Izzy really likes all the bunnies and chipmunks she gets to chase. 
Kelynn and I go on lots of morning walks and play in the parks around town.


Kelynn Update: Baby girl turned 1 year old!
New things Kelynn does:
   Sings and dances
   Sits on everything (basketballs, toys, baskets, fireplace, steps)
   Talks! She says these words:
 "na na" - banana (general word for food)
"nie nie" - night night (when she's ready for bed)
"guh gir" - good girl (what she calls izzy)
"dat" and "dis" - that and this
"Go" - when she's ready to leave

We had her "ducky pancake party." We sure missed the old crew and the Franklin side of the family, but we were thankful to have some new friends and Zuverink family help us celebrate!


Katie & Ben Update: Ben finally got to come up for good last week! He starts working here (on a MUCH better schedule) this week. I have some great job leads and am interviewing at lots of places looking for a good fit for our family.

Baby 2 update:
I have ALREADY reached 22 weeks! This is my 20 week picture from this pregnancy:
Compared to 20 weeks at last pregnancy:

Cravings: Dairy (same as last time)
Things I miss: Laying on my stomach
Weight gain: 20 lbs
Maternity clothes: Oh yes!
Pregnancy symptoms: Hip pain, but that's it

We got to have an ultrasound a few days ago, at 22 weeks. Baby looks very healthy- 10 fingers and 10 toes!


Mommy will have a repeat C-section in early October, which will be scheduled at the next OB appointment in a month. Also, we will officially be revealing the gender in the next couple of days!
Special shout out to all of our close family and friends who have been so supportive during the move. We are so thankful to the ones who have kept roofs over our heads, helped us pack, move, and listened to us stress out. Thank you for consistently reminding us that the Lord is unwaveringly good, and that His timing is perfect. Thank you for your prayers and your listening ears. Thank you for offering up your homes and hospitality (Hadleys and Thompsons). May the Lord bless you for your generosity.
We love you guys! More fun updates soon!