Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dallas Showers!!!

We have been so blessed with close family and friends who care about us enough to throw us baby showers! We got lots of goodies! Here are some of the highlights:

Sweet Sweet Shower Hostesses, some of the most important girls in my life. 

Jamie, Brooke, Briana, Me, Tonya, Hailey (We missed Allison!!)

Me and my momma!

Don't worry mom, someday I'll be able to hug you like a normal person again. 

And sweet Rhianna came all the way from San Antonio!! 

Inside look at the shower! We got to play really fun games and eat deLISHous food. Seriously - only thing we forgot to get a picture of! It was so good. 

This is the present from my wonderful sweet family members, Danna, Dana, Devhra. Super awesome high chair. 

These are of me getting so excited about presents! 

Rhianna made these insanely cute outfits! 1 reversible dress, 2 pairs of bloomers, 2 pairs of shoes. SO CUTE!! 

(Sadly we didn't get any pictures with the grown-ups, but the kids are always up for snap shots ;) 

Bethany, Ben, Endalk, Chloe, Katie, Gabby

Kiddos can't help themselves - they love to help open presents!! 


Bottle keeper-colder-thingy! Going to be so useful! 

Chloe is super excited about life right now. But no matter - we got a first aide kit! And some awesome 12month onesies! 

Also, these didn't come from a shower, but I have to add them because they're so flippin cute! We got to pick out her first swimmy suit!! How cute!! 

And Dad wanted to wait until we got home to try on the matching hat. 

It's certainly been a fun couple of months!! 

Saturday, April 14, 2012


(Note Mr. Pheeny has been in several of the maternity pictures, despite my constant trying to run him off during our monthly photo shoot)

Pregnancy Highlights
Size of Baby: Over 6 pounds, 18 inches long
Weight Gain: Who really knows?!
Maternity Clothes: Same ol' - except that she finally dropped, so my maternity clothes are starting to look a lot cuter.  
Gender: She's a Lady! 
Movement: She's extremely active. Since she moved down in my torso, it's much harder to drive and sit up straight, but we're makin' it.
Sleep: Still sleeping great! Thankful for it every morning! 
Symptoms: I finally developed the pregnancy waddle, sadly. I try very hard to walk like a normal person every time I catch myself. Oh, and my feet look like they've been replaced with foot-shaped bags of pudding. 
What I miss: Being able to distinguish my ankles from my feet from my legs. And painting my own toenails. And seeing my cheekbones. And my upper thighs. 
Cravings: Still mostly dairy.
Best Moment This Month: My family came in town to spend some time with us and go to Kole's show at UNT, and it was really great to see them! We also had the DFW shower, which was SO fun (post to come).  OH - And getting to do the 3d sonogram! 
What I am looking forward to: Meeting my daughter (that is such a weird statement), getting to know her personality. Will she a sweet, shy, observant and wildly discerning person like Ben? Or immensely awesomely entertaining like me? The possibilities are endless. So thankful to God for who she is already! I'm betting that we don't make it to the 40 week picture, so here goes nothin'! 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Baby K: The Story of an Amazon Baby

Weighing in at a WHOPPING 6 pounds (supposed to be just under 5 right now)!! 
That's right, baby K is... rather large. But we're so thrilled! Big means hardy! 

We got to do the 3D sonogram, but she had her hand up by her face, so it's a little hard to tell what everything is - I tried to help with labels:

Heart rate is good - 144 bpm
Still a girl!

Doc says that there's no need to start worrying about if she'll be too big by due date, but we'll keep an eye on it. More updates in a couple of weeks (at the 36 week mark).