Sunday, March 23, 2014

Growing Girls

It has been a whirl wind five months, that's for sure!
We finally are past the up-all-night stage with Kennedy. She now sleeps from 7pm to 6am at least. Sometimes wakes up long enough to get a pacifier put back into her mouth, but goes right back to sleep. HOORAY! 

Eating: Kenna is eating 4 bottles a day, 6-7 ounces each. She's also eating solids now. Faves so far (besides anything I can find to puree and put in her mouth) are: 

Avocados and Bananas mixed together
Sweet Potatoes and Broccoli
Mommy still loves to make baby food.

And Kenna loves to eat it!
Recently we have noticed that she's have a bit of a hard time digesting food, so we are going to check into the possibility of a food allergy with the doctor at our next check up. 

She are sitting up almost on her own. She likes to be propped up on pillows or sit against someone else. 

She has fallen in love with the Johnny Jump Up.
Mostly she likes to spin herself around in it and chew on the sides. 
She's doing lots of teething, but no teeth popping through yet. Just lots of gnawing and drooling.

Kenna looks so miuch like Kelynn at this age. 
These are both Kelynn at 5-6 months.

Kelynn is just about a month shy of being 2 years old. Holy moly, how that time flew by! 
She is so big.
SEE! Look how tiny she makes that mountain look! 

She loves to get her face really close to the camera (phone) and have daddy snap pictures. Which works for us. We wind up with some hilarious pictures. 

She also loves to help with her sister. 

Things Kelynn loves: Going to daycare, playing with daddy, snuggles after nap time with mommy. 
Lots of new things Kelynn has learned to say: 
"Hockey" and "Yucky" (which, remarkably are exactly the same word)
"Mou mou" (minnie mouse)

Her favorite foods right now are blueberries, fish sticks, bananas, and eggs. 
She has reached the point where she likes to push boundaries. Usually about things that are fairly insignificant. 
Actually, right this moment, it is supposed to be nap time, and you're banging on your door, most likely after having emptied out all the drawers in your room into the floor while playing. When we decide it's funny, it really is funny. Being a parent is a very sanctifying experience. Patience, learning to shift perspective, working as a team member with the other parent, even when you disagree... You're teaching us a lot, that's for sure! 

We're excited to make it to the two year mark.
Guess we should probably start planning your party! 

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