Saturday, March 22, 2014

New Mexico Adventures

Hey howdy hey, neighboroos!

This month we took the girls on a trip to go see Pops and Jenny. Aside from all the fun we had flying with two girls under 2 years old, the trip was a blast!

Kelynn and Daddy got to sit together! 
On most of our flights, Kelynn and Kenna had to sit on mommy and daddy's laps. It was a little cramped. Daddy said several times, "There's a reason they make kids over 2 get their own seats."

                                        As usual, once we arrived, we fully enjoyed the landscape.

And the girls got to spend LOTS of cuddle time with Pops and Jenny.

And we got to see brother Kole!!!

Using some of our down time (which we were so thankful to have), Ben and Pops built a front porch together.

Kole helped.

And then, of course, we were entertained by the entertainer herself...

While we were there, Kelynn learned to say "Doggie" (which she previously called "woof woof"s), and she said her first sentence composed of a subject and verb. "Sister eat!" 
This is typically used when she knows Kennedy is hungry. Aka when someone is making a bottle. 

Most of all, we all just enjoyed being able to be outside so much.

We used an umbrella to keep little sister out of the sun.

And Ben bought a kite at the store. He would get that sucker way up in to the air, tie the string to the fence, and leave it for like 6 hours. It would still be flying when we went to check on it! 

And we played inside lots with the tiny one.

Can't wait to see them again! The girls sure have been blessed with great grandparents, who live in a really cool place!

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